Welcome to Dry Dog Coats - Home of the original drying coat.


Welcome to drydogcoats.co.uk, the home of the original dog drying coat created by Ann Hall in 2000.

Our unique services provide a variety of specialised dog coats targeted at both dog lovers and show dog winners. The range of fine coats are individually made to measure to fit your dog and to ensure the best possible for a winning finish to your dog coat in competition. Our coats are widely used at Crufts with great success for competitors.

Our basic products comprise our mesh drying coat - ensuring the best of finish for that final grooming after a shampoo, our Shining coat - ensuring an eye catching sheen on the coat of the dog. Other popular products include our water proof coat, protecting your dog from poor weather. This breathable coat ensures your dog retains that perfect coat is not disrupted when it rains.


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Before treatment
Before treatment
After treatment
After treatment


Our "Pee Coat" is also popular allowing your dog's natural function without the risk of soiling a well prepared coat. Other products are available in our on-line store so why not visit and take peek?

While we can not guarantee you will win Crufts -our coats will certainly provide you with a winning edge over your competitors. The video below will provide some information of our products and how to measure your dog. Our online store is available for more information, pricing and an opportunity to purchase on-line. Please take care with your measurements - more information is available for measuring each category of coat in the store.

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How to correctly measure your dog.
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